January 3rd, 2008

in motion


Cleaning the house today, I found a full pack of Tropical Twist flavored sugarless gum.  I didn't want it, but I figured it would be a nice treat for Jeremiah so I handed it over to him.  He popped a piece in his mouth and went off to his room to play with Legos.

Some time later, he showed up at my office door.  "Mom?  Do we have any blue gum in the house?"

I almost said no, but remembered that when I'd found the pack of Tropical Twist, I'd also found a single leftover stick of peppermint flavor, which happened to be blue.  I told him where it was, and didn't give it another thought.

At least, not a conscious thought.  But after a few minutes, the mom-radar in my head, which picks up sounds beyond the range of ordinary hearing and which never stops processing information, began to ping a minor alarm.  Not the danger alarm, just the low-grade one which takes note of every word and shading of tone in my son's voice, and senses when something is a wee bit fishy.  I got up and went into his room.

He looked up as I entered, and proudly pointed out what he'd made.  "Look, mommy!"

I looked, then squinted to look closer.  What the hell was -- "Aaauugh!"

Here is what my boy was playing with:


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