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  • Brass Goggles collects beautiful steampunk creations.  I covet them all, most recently the Opti-Transcripticon.
Now, isn’t the above a perfectly lovely looking grimoire?  With that metal latch and embossed gold pattern, down to the little brass corners, it looks like its a book that has some really important things in it - well, much to many people’s surprise I’m sure - its actually a modded flatbed scanner!
Yummy.  Follow through on the link to other projects at Datamancer.net.  (More covet: teknogrimoire.) 
  • Time-lapse Picassos are fascinating.  Picasso always gets referred to as an example of "first know the formal rules, then break them", but these videos show that concept in action.  Classical art right up through the late stages, when it mutates into something unexpected.
After the first experiment, mirrors were no longer necessary to fool the young birds. Other young birds learned to mob the milk can by simply watching the birds that had been fooled with mirrors.

there is a place if you want to proceed
you could encounter a person that will adore you
then you proceed and you are on your feet by yourself
you return to your residence
and you whimper and you wish to cease to exist
What's yours?
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