karen meisner (_stranger_here) wrote,
karen meisner

new fiction

This week! At Strange Horizons! A new story, and it's a beaut:

"Tyrannia" by Alan DeNiro

The man crashes to the ground, and then lies still, and birds fly to the site of him. They land on him from head to toe. He doesn't move, and won't move again of his own volition. In his arteries, though, are the beginnings of a journey.

Also brand-new by Alan DeNiro this week is his debut novel, Total Oblivion, More or Less. It's been getting phenomenal rave reviews all over the place, and I can't wait to read it! Plus, with a fantastic cover like that, you know it'd make an uber-cool stocking stuffer.

Tags: books, fiction, sf, strange horizons

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