karen meisner (_stranger_here) wrote,
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new fiction

Suddenly the end of the year seems to be rushing towards us at an alarming speed. Must take time to smell the flowers, read the stories, etc. Why, here's a nifty one now!

A Brief Investigation of the Process of Decay, by Genevieve Valentine

There was a pause before "interested" that meant "acclimated," as if Mars was going to be just like the rez, except without oxygen.


If you're nominating short stories for any awards this year, I hope you will consider the delightful assortment available in the Strange Horizons archives. It would make us very happy to see some of our favorite stories get a well-deserved wider recognition.


Related only by virtue of the fact that Ms. Valentine is the purveyor of all things funny and has brought this skit to my attention: I have to admit there are times when I wish Jane Austen scenes would end this way.

Tags: fiction, sf, strange horizons, video

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