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Good morning!  Know what's a great way to start off your week?  Reading a brand-new story at Strange Horizons.

"True Names" by Stephanie Burgis

When I let Sam sweet talk me into moving out here to the back of beyond to be his wife, it was all about the romance of the wild, the two of us standing at each other's sides against mountain lions and poisonous snakes, and me learning to be just as fierce against them as any man. Days like today somehow never got mentioned in any of his stories, back then.

We hope you will like it!

Fans of the lovely Ms. Burgis may be excited to know that her young person's novel, A Most Improper Magick, will be coming out this spring. Here is a quickie book trailer:


And for something completely different, check out last week's story:

Nomadology, by Chris Nakashima-Brown

I watched the muted television. On-screen, stop-motion set pieces illustrated a science fiction fantasy of the destruction of the state apparatus and the abolition of private property mediated by alien invasion and natural disaster. The only sound in the room was the soft clicking of aluminum knitting needles, like a DIY Geiger counter monitoring our entropic half-lives.

Tags: fiction, sf, strange horizons
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