karen meisner (_stranger_here) wrote,
karen meisner

the love we share without knowing

Cause for celebration: Christopher Barzak's second novel hits the bookstores today!

Publisher's Weekly raves: 

From the neon colors of Tokyo, with its game centers and karaoke bars, to the bamboo groves and hidden shrines of the countryside, these souls and others mingle, revealing a profound tale of connection—uncovering the love we share without knowing.

Exquisitely perceptive and deeply affecting, Barzak’s artful storytelling deftly illuminates the inner lives of those attempting to find—or lose—themselves in an often incomprehensible world.

Barzak’s accomplished novel-in-stories evinces the fragile and overwhelming desire for meaning and love.

This is the book Chris wrote while he was living in Japan, and he had me at the title.  Actually, he had me at the author's name above the title, because I know anything he writes is going to be beautiful.  

I get a little sad around the holidays, feeling disconnected from the world, far away from so many people I care about.  It's easy to feel overwhelmed, isolated from one another, alone.  Those mean reds creep in.  I'll be reading this book as an antidote.

Update: Hosted by Scalzi, Barzak talks about living in Japan and writing his book.
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