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Strange Music's Jukebox

Everything you never wanted to know about me ;)

27 November 1975
External Services:
Most of my fanfiction so far can be found at http://www.fanfiction.net/~strangemusic
For the rest there isn't much else to say.

I am currently working on a good chance to maybe own my own webpage soon. Actually one with a Space larger than 20 MB so my vids might actually find a place there. For the stories there are some in work..as soon as my muse gives me more than three lines at time.

About myself...I am a redhead and VERY bad at describing myself outside from that. However the colour pretty much explains most of my personality.

I work Tech Support.

PS: Since it was brought to my attention that the percentage of Posts to my time on LJ is a bit on the short site. AKA that I lake posts for my two years here. For those. I actually didn't really post for the first year and more. Lake of time and chance and only started late last year to really post.