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Beneath A Million Stars

There's No Need To Pretend

23 October
  • Open University - Milton Keynes, England - Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (2006 - 2009)


The Girl
Female. British. Student. Fangirl. Occasional fanfic author. Icon maker. Crafter.
The Journal
Personal posts are all friends locked.
If you want to friend me I will friend you back as long as you drop me a quick comment to let me know who you are, if you want to tell me how you found me too that'd be nice.
I write fanfic which I post here, I post pictures of finished craft projects. I post my icons in an icon journal I share with dancy_dreamer at epiphanyofsort
The Fandoms
Angel. Being Human. Brokeback Mountain. Brothers & Sisters. Buffy. Castle. Doctor Who. Dollhouse. Firefly. Heroes. House. Kings. Merlin. Pirates of the Caribbean. SG1. SGA. Supernatural. Sweeney Todd. Torchwood. West Wing
The Comms

Co-own: epiphanyofsort with dancy_dreamer
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