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Ache (G) Gen

Title: Ache
Author: _stolendreams_
Rating: G
Summary: Ianto's arm aches.
Spoilers/Warnings: Set pre-series but spoilers for Cyberwoman.
A/N: Thanks to dancy_dreamer and estsilvara for the beta job. Written for the 2dozenowies prompt 'strained/sprained muscle'. Prompt table here

Ianto's arm aches. A lingering pain that isn't enough to warrant seeking out some painkillers but is just enough to be annoying. At least until Jack asks him to go and get some heavy box from the archives, or manhandle a weevil into its cell. That stops the ache. Replaces it instead with a shooting pain that makes him have to fight not to wince or groan. It's nothing serious, there's no bruising, no swelling. He's had enough first aid training to know the difference between a serious injury and a simple strained muscle. He'd like nothing more than to rest it for a couple of days, just like all the training and the common sense tells him, but he can't.

The only way to rest would be to admit that there's a problem. And then Jack will make Owen check him out. Owen will ask how it happened. He can't say that he strained it while setting up the machinery for Lisa. They'll kill her. Jack will march right down there and unplug the machines and probably shoot her in the head as well, just to be sure she's dead. Owen would probably punch him. Tosh would cry. Suzie might understand, but it wouldn't be enough. As for him, he'd probably be shot by Jack as well, or just retconned and sent off to live a 'normal' life. Either way it wouldn't matter because Lisa would be gone.

When Tosh asks him for another box of tech from the archives he goes without a word. His arm aches, but, to keep Lisa safe, he would put up with much worse.

Tags: fandom: torchwood, fic, fic challenge: 2dozenowies, fic: gen
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