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Four drabbles

Title: Four drabbles  
Author: _stolendreams_  
Rating: PG to PG13
Pairings: Jack/Ianto (friendship and implied slash), Jack/Tosh friendship and one gen piece
Spoilers: Very very mild ones for Combat and Cyberwoman, slightly more obvious ones for Captain Jack Harkness
Summary: Four unconnected drabbles on Jack and his team.
AN: Thank you to dancy_dreamer  for... everything really. Inspiration, encouragement and beta-ing all in one night. There could well be more of these at some point.

Jack/Ianto friendship. PG

Ianto’s unresponsive in his arms. Crumpled, sobbing helplessly, apparently unaware that he's being held. For a while Jack just kneels there rocking him, he doesn't say anything or attempt to calm the young man. He just keeps up the constant motion, back and forth, over and over, holding Ianto in his arms and waiting. Finally Ianto responds, a hand latches onto Jack's shirt hanging on. If there had been any reason but love behind the betrayal, Ianto would already be retconned and gone. But love Jack can understand. So he holds Ianto, offering comfort the only way he knows how.

Jack/Ianto PG

The rooftop is cold but Jack doesn’t seem to notice. Ianto though starts shivering the moment he steps through the door. He knew that he’d find Jack here, the cold winter wind never seems to bother him. He‘s always here when he needs to think, his eyes fixed on the sky. Ianto once asked what he was looking for up there, he never got an answer. This time he doesn’t bother, just steps up beside Jack and waits. Jack shifts sideways, moving behind Ianto. Arms slide around Ianto’s waist and, with Jack pressed against him, the wind ceases to matter.

Gen PG13

Owen is bleeding, the blood staining Jack’s hands, his trousers, his shirt, even the concrete floor beneath them. He should be unconscious, should be screaming in pain, should be something. But he just lays there. Jack’s done this for so many people, tried to hold back the blood with his hands, and he’s never once seen anyone so calm. The only thing Owen cares about is that Gwen isn’t there. As they wait for the ambulance, Jack finds himself telling Owen he’ll be fine. Owen gives a bitter smile as he answers, his words stunning Jack.

“I didn‘t want help.”

Jack/Tosh friendship. PG

Tosh’s grandfather’s birthday is forgotten. Instead she spends the night sitting with Jack. They sit side by side on the couch. She can’t bring herself to break the silence until he’s ready. After about an hour he reaches out, his hand finds hers and holds on.

“I never thought of him as a person before. Just a name to use.”

There’s nothing she can say that hasn’t already been said. Instead she reaches up and guides his head down onto her lap, letting the fingers of one hand entwine with his while the other strokes softly through his hair.
Tags: fandom: torchwood, fic, fic: gen, fic: slash, jack/ianto, jack/tosh

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