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Fic: Blood Red - Torchwood

I wrote this today while working on my breakdown fic. I'm not posting this to the comms since I haven't entirely decided whether this will end up part of the fic in the end, however I quite like it on its own so I'm sharing it here.
It could be a stand alone lead into the breakdown piece, or it could end up being a part of the fic itself. It's just barely longer than a drabble.

Title: Blood Red
Author: _stolendreams_ 
Rating: PG
Summary: Tiny ficlet, Ianto has a breakdown.
Warnings/Spoliers: None
Distribution: Here only
A/N: see above *points*

Jack's hands are holding tight to his upper arms, pulling him upwards. His frantic voice asking where he's hurt, how bad, hands shaking him slightly when Ianto doesn't answer. Then abruptly the hands release his arms and he finds himself falling back into the grass, the hands are pulling at his shirt now, it's only when he looks to see why that he understands. His shirt used to be white, now it's red. Blood red. Jack's hands roam over his chest and back, searching for injuries, shouting for Owen to hurry up. Ianto tries to say that he's not hurt, it's not his, but it won't come out. Then Jack is scooping him up into his arms, holding him tight against his chest and telling him everything will be fine. Ianto wants to ask how it's going to be fine, but the words won't come.


Interestingly I said to exuberantself that the exact circumstances of Ianto's breakdown didn't matter to what I was writing. And they didn't and still don't. I haven't gone into detail about exactly what happened before this moment for that very reason, it doesn't matter what events preceeded this, let your imagination fill them in for you, I'm sure whatever you come up with will be more effective than anything I could write. However I did get to thinking about exactly how his breakdown would manifest (that's the wrong word... oh well) itself and how the others would deal with it.
That's where this came from.
Tags: fandom: torchwood, fic, fic: gen
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