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dreams reprise.

[ rain for cleansing, and purifying. ]

Zack Fair
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white it out, like glittering, black butterflies...

All we have to be is human 'cause that's what we are
But to me, you're an angel...

looking through glass into the magnificence of the manila skyline.
[1a] Maria Amparo N. Warren.

[1b] Peep, Pipay, Daddy, Sempai, Zack, Sephi, Tom, Stillf.

[2a] Blood type 0.

[2b] The bastard child of many cultures.

[3a] Born in the land of Komodo dragons.

[3b] Dead in the Pearl of the Orient.
[1] Student.

[2] Indie Musician.

[3] (Song)writer.

[4] Communications Major.

[5] Dazer.

[6] One-man street team.
The Triumvirate:

[1a] Stillf.

[1b] Darklight.

[1c] "Stories".
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Because one day,
my dream will come true.

For your comprehension;
Perhaps some neat, inconsequential things about this Livejournal:

1. Uncensored, uncut content to the general LJ-public.

2. Not Friends Only. The Friendslock is a rarity.

3. As much as it goes, no screens/disabling comments policy applies.

4. Never, never, never filtered.
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This is not your war.