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Letter to US Congress

Dear Sir/Ms.

In the last years we all witness of raising couple of dictatorship regime.
For my opinion the World community and Your country are responsible at some part on the fate of victims.

Thats why I herebly ask You to take different measures that will help to prevent of violations of human right law all over the world.

Part A

We should divide all countries that violate human rights into three portions.

In each of them the regime violate human rights: the right to a fair trial, the right to freedom of speech, the right to freedom of movement, freedom of conscience.

The main issue in dealing with dictatorship regime is to declare a red line in each stage, so the World Community can act according to situation.

So the first red line should be a spread of violations of human right in the country.
If the Europe Court for Human Rights decide, that in the specific country there is such violation, their government should get the resolution of the Court.
On the next step UN should take economic restrictions to that country.
That measures should in the head of all affect the authorities and preserve the rights and economic interests of other citizens.
It can be total embargo on weapon income and outcome from this country.
Some technology ban.
Personal ban of the people from authorities.

Example of such country: Russia

Part B.

The measures from part A usually don't achieve any affect but the deeply sinking towards dictatorship. Thats why the second stage is very clear.

The second red line should be the violation of the right of freedom of movement.

The state where citizens right to leave the country (a) and to return (b) is violated de facto (some countries like Venezuela allow there citizens to leave the country, but without money – it violate de facto the human rights. Some countries can sell passport which is needed to cross the border on the high price. That why we should declare a total maximum cost of crossing the border for the citizen from every part of the country -include the route price, passport, border tax - not higher than month minimum salary) should be declared as “closed country”.
In such situation UN should demand from the government of such country to open the border for it's citizens immediately.
If not – the borders of such country will be closed for all goods – export and import. All people that belongs to authorities de juro or de facto connected, should be arrested.
No one from authorities then cannot pass the border. Its quite clear that usual citizens should get any help from World Community to freely cross the border, except military help.

Example of such country: Venezuela

Part C.

The country that passed all three phases, and I think most of the countries from first stage, except for China, will pass, should be treated as “country on alarm”.
If such country will show any sign of aggression: nuclear program, chemical weapon program, declaration in media its militaristic aggressive plans etc, so military invasion to this country should came after the decision of european court.

Example of such country: North Korea

The main goal of this paper is to declare the understandable, measurable and clear frameworks and tactics to deal with dictatorship regimes.

We all are witness for the terrible crimes of totalitarian regimes and some of us or there families are such victims by themselves. Crimes against humanity, wars all began from the violations of human rights. We should live in a new world.

I ask all american citizen to help to send this letter to foreign affair committee of US Congress and other relevant members of Congress.
Thank You for cooperation.

депутатам Конгресса США 113 го созыва.


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