December 20th, 2005

adios bitches

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here is my nerdy little story of how amazingly nerdy i truly am.

i had my eye appointment today, and i was driving there.. i ended up getting a little lost, and needed to turn around to back track. i turn left on a red light, hoping it would stay yellow just a second longer [naturally, it didnt]. well, i pull into this driveway to turn around, but heard a car behind me so i waited until it passed. it didnt. im thinking "shit this person probably lives at this house". they dont! look in my rearview mirror, its my favorite.. a COP! i back out, and he tells me to stop with his hand. im thinking.. shit, shit, shit. my first ticket ever, damnit.. im stupid! i roll down my window, and the cop says "hunny are you lost?". needless to say i get off, and he gives me directions. nicest cop ever! ♥

when i get to my eye appointment, i start taking my eye test.. and i realize "holy shit, i cant see anything out of this right eye, im going blind". the eye doctor starts reading my contacts, and cant figure out what the prescription says. he brings in the other doctor, and she says .. "she has both left eye contacts in". needless to say my prescriptions in both eyes are polar opposite. im a dumbass, and ive been wearing it for well over a month. niiice. :D
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