November 20th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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tonight i went to go see harry potter, the 4th one because its my secret nerd fetish. it wasnt the same because its always been the "jamie/jenny aka tb/eb thing" and it actually made me think of old times about how you had NO interest in watching harry potter with me, but you did.. and you liked it/loved it. if you read this; i kindve miss talking to you, it would be nice to actually have that friendship weve always tried to establish. let me know how life is, i miss you.

onto better news, im done with my "old" job [finally]. after all the stupid bullshit thats been happening there. it pisses me off that someone can be a manager of a company who sexually harrasses employees/customers, steals money from the register/takes waitresses credit card tips, has his brother clock him in when hes not on the clock (with much needed proof).. upon many other things. i dont know what pisses me off more the fact that i kindve "gave" up in a sense on fighting him, or the fact that everyone agreed with me.. and were just as pissed as me, but didnt try to do anything about it. im sorry to say, but girls are still as weak as they try to claim not to be. if you want to see a women president learn to stand up for your fucking selves. its an embarrassment.
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