September 16th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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im waiting on an important email so im wasting time on here with an update.

i think any girl who dates a guy named blake will incur all of his many problems. i just find it amusing that he cheated on me, didnt have the nerve to dump me, and finally when i did it via text message (he didnt answer my phone calls) he had already been seeing this chick for a week. supposedly she stalked him at work, so he figured hed give her a chance. when he got bored with her, he came running back to me, mind you, he hadnt dumped her yet either. he went mia. he NEVER had the nerve to tell her what he told me, and vice versa. now hes trying to be friends with her again, and i must say if shes dumb enough to take him back shell end up like me for 3 years, eventually your friends will hate, your family will, etc. hes too scared of telling me the WHOLE truth because he knows if he admits to it, hell know ill never forgive/forget. the truth is, i already know, and i will NEVER forgive/forget. i was the best he could get, and everybody knows it.

im not feeling bad for my friends who date losers, if they dont see it for themselves, it wont happen until they wake up one morning FUCKED UP exactly like the loser theyve been with. if youve been cheated on, and you justify it.. your naive, and it will happen again and again and again. if you believe you deserve somebody like that, you truly do because your not willing to even look around and see what else you can find.

anyways..jess is living in my house this weekend. meaning=no sex for me this weekend. this is how i feel about that, ha!:(
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