September 14th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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i havent updated in awhile. ive been so INCREDIBLY sleepy/lazy this week. i cant wait until my day off, but i dont even know if itll be like an actual "day off" at all. jess is staying with us for the weekend. the st annes festival is all weekend, and ill probably volunteer on sunday. i need a new job, but whatever. im starting a diet after this weekend is over, my brother said hes going to help me.. and hes a MOTIVATION NUT-CASE. i just got my invitation for my cousins baby shower, and i already bought this plush pink teddy bear for the baby. im going to buy so much crap, shes the first baby so shes going to be spoiled.. especially by ME! i hope for the babies sake she gets her looks from my cousin. anyways, i really need to clean my room. its a BIG mess. ;x

heres my current obsessions as of now..lmao. yeah, im having a "i love girls only" day. whatever!
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