September 8th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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heres an update; a quick rant!

stop pointing the finger at everybody else, america! hurricane katrina happened, and you cant change that, you couldnt if you tried. that sounds kindve harsh, but why blame the president? why blame the national guard? until your doing THEIR job, why open your mouth. whatever, if you dont like the president.. thats one thing, lets rewind for a second: you can sit there and bitch, or do something about it. donate, volunteer, but dont do NOTHING and bitch about how the president isnt doing his job. YOUR NOT DOING YOUR GOD DAMN JOB!

heres another annoyance i have: celebs going on national tv bashing the local/state/federal officials, but instead of donating they do fundraisers where they take OTHER PEOPLES money and donate. paris hilton auctioned herself off! how charitable of you paris. thats my respect comes in for oprah winfrey, chris rock, ellen degenris, and a few others. they earned their right to say whatever they want, ill give them that.

point the finger, america. thats what we do best.

my brother will be home tomorrow, officially done with the military.
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