July 15th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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need a new job...FAST! the new manager is a total prick :/ i hate him & i miss neil :( im so worn out lately, i think its from work overload. ha like i actually work THAT much. just 6 days a week.

start my diet on monday. i really do miss blake & i feel pretty bad about being such a bitch to him when he tried talking to me.

I Vote For Pants: well believe it jen... im not shittin around... youre all that i thought about... the whole time on this cruise... youre the only thing that i think about... ive been wishing you were here with me... theres hundreds of pretty girls all around me and all i can think about is you and how much hotter you are than all of them and i think to myself... i could have my pick of any of these girls but the only one i can think about is you
I Vote For Pants: youve had cottage cheeze once... and you tricked me into going to the store so you can try it
I Vote For Pants: you love tiffanys and von dutch
I Vote For Pants: you hate hippie music
I Vote For Pants: i need you baby
I Vote For Pants: please...
I Vote For Pants: YOU are the only one i can imagine myself with... and ive tried imagining myself with other people... i just cant... i always end up with the conclusion that i would be happier with you... my family loves you... they always ask about you
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