July 11th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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note: if your a girl posting half-naked pictures of yourself on your myspace please be a hot girl, nobody wants to see an ugly girl. mk thanks. ;x

anyways went to sommerset with mario & eric. def. need to buy somethings at nordstroms. went to the mercedes dealership because mario wants a new car. im in love with this one. marios at my house, and his brother calls his cell phone (mario drove his bros car). markos all like, "i need my carr, man". marios like "im in almont its an hour away" and hes laughing the whole entire time he is saying this. his brother which im assuming is drunk is all ticked, and hangs up. 10 minutes later calls back.. "nevermind, we took my buddys car. im trying to get laid" lmao.

got a new manager at work. heard hes a dick, i hope hes not. going to bretts to go swimming tomorrow, work 6 days this week. sweeet, duude.
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