July 7th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

dancing backwards in high heelss...

i love country. i love it more everyday. who wouldve thought that, anyway? my dad use to swing me around to my favorite reba mcentire songs. listen to the same songs over & over again to the point my dad had to go get me my own tape of her songs, and a little tape player to listen to it on. swore id remain his faithful little cow girl, and then i hit middle school where i thought worshipping tupac & coolio was the only way of life. realized the hard way, country is in my blood. the more you try to get rid of it, the more it consumes. so truly im my daddys girl. i enjoy a nice cold one, tapping my little foot & my hand on my knee to my favorite country songs, being a chevy girl, swearing like a sailor, & my daily dosage of chocolate. i ALWAYS swore to my dad, "ill never love a boy, ill only love my daddy & my big brother. nobody else, theres no more room". he always laughed at me, and how wrong i was. i was! i love my dad so much.. ♥

(give me some good country songs..)

need to get a new cell & a digi. **
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    kenny chesney:: "i go back"