June 19th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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ok, totally dont care who reads this anymore. so beware not intended for little kids. now i must continue on.

bailey & i went to nationals, and im sitting there mind you turned on after just seeing my bf at jessicas grad party. so i send him a naughty text message, and all of a sudden hes on his way over. lmao. so so funny. i rush home, & driving home i say to my bestfriend, "omigosh, i hope im totally shaven down there", (i took a RUSHED shower this morning) and i start sticking my hand down my pants. thank god my bestfriend knows me by now. when he got here, i told him im going to latch onto him for good & procreate. he shaved his head, and he def. looks like a HOTT mexican. haha. its so hot, though. i thought i wouldnt like it, but hes all dark & toned.. and ugghhhhhhh. bad mee;x

its funny because i have those dry erase boards on my fridge, and i put i miss my bf :( on it, and showed it to him. yeah im a TOTAL loser. :)

now im going to sleep like a baby. i want a shirt that says pervert me on it. hmmmmm ...
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