May 27th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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Honestly, you guys, I don`t know if I`m going to cry on my last day of school. I think Chippewa Valley has prevented that. Sure I`m going to miss the people, that I`m sure of. So many people crack me up, they make it ALL worth it. If I cry that WILL be why. Some of the teachers I am going to miss because they also made it worth it. Teachers like Mr. Barnes who you wish would`ve met earlier in life, who taught you the right thing without the lectures. I use to wish that man could wake me up every morning for school so I would get up with that same FIRE he possesses. I`ll miss that. Despite whatever REALLY happened with Mr. Malia, he was one of my favorite teachers. Yes, he could be pretty OFFENDING. He cracked us up, though. He had a good time, he showed us NOT to tak EVERYTHING so seriously, because afterall, what holds us all together? Mrs. Voss who held my attention at all times, and though she HATED when I was absent, I learned the MOST from.

There were times when I thought I couldn`t get out of bed because school PISSED me off that much. I always planned in my mind all the ways I could boycott them, and their stupid rules. I planned how I would tell Mrs. Trevathan that she doesn`t know how to take attendance, and she shouldn`t be a teacher. I figure someone else will come along, and will. All I want is to graduate, wave goodbye (flip the bird, whatever). In the end, its the people who make it worth it. I wish in someway our teachers would`ve taught us all how to be NICER to eachother, not talk behind eachother`s backs so much, and that EVERYONE is different, and it doesn`t make us any better than anyone else. After all, I think that`s MORE important that a tanktop that shows a little of your shoulders, wearing a backpack/coat to class, being late for class, parking without your parking permit, driving to dakota because you missed the shuttle, absenses, etc.