April 21st, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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did i tell you guys that i have anger issues, and that pissing me off is the worst thing you can do because i dont fuck around.. ill get you back.

with that said, i almost got side swiped because an asshole got into a NON passing lane, & veers over in my lane, i made it pretty clear to the dumbass i wasnt going to let him in. get your ass back behind me where it belongs, bitch. otherwise im going to hit your pos cutlass, like my cars any better, but hey i have full coverage on my car, im pretty sure by the condition of yours.. you dont. DONT EVER FORCE ME TO STOP WHEN I HAVE NO REASON TOO! otherwise your going to see more of my middle finger, thats my patriotism bitch. i was always told i was a handful, i guess they didnt lie. </3
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