April 8th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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ive racked my brain on how to handle a certain situation, and decided just this ONCE im going to cool my head. im not going to waste my time on another peice of shit person who already has NOTHING in their life, why worsen their situation? what i say is only going to add something semi-delightful to their already sad pathetic excuse for a life, and why should i be the one laughing at them if i already feel bad for them? its like talking to someone of lesser intelligence than you, you know they lack the common sense to keep a conversation going so you dont even bother talking to them, or even having the desire too.

whitney & i are talking about looking at cosmetology/fashion schools, there's a really good one in troy, i believe its called eclipse. my teachers daughter goes there, and loves it.

dan is looking at coming home in june, and im going to take him to the nudey bar & buy him a lap dance, i told him its a special thankyou for his services for the country ;) my brother will die if i tell him what i did.

today i was talking to my grandma, and i said "i miss jamie" because this song came on, and it reminded me of the night we went to mt. clemens fireworks, and i remember loving the song. she said, "you miss his dog".. :P (depending on if you still read this, i thought that would make you laugh cause i miss your doggy too).

i cant believe all the crap ive been hearing about what happened to mr. malia, but i talked to one of my teachers about it & she says their not allowed to talk about it, but it is serious.. and im afraid it looks like hes done for good :/
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