April 3rd, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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today was a crazy day at work. jeremiah & i kindve got into a fight, mainly just because im really hard to have a conversation with. i walked away in the middle of our conversation, and i guess do that a lot? i dont want to blame it on being add, but its really hard for me to focus, i really try, but sometimes i wander off. then i was sitting with him, and i think blowing your smoke in someone's face is just disrespectful, so what does he do. just that! so i made him apologize for it. hes like "you know i love you jen", i have to admit it was pretty amusing trying to get him to apologize first. on the other hand, omar told me he's having my baby, whatever.

last night was a HUGE let down for me. im still a spartans fan, but man... i was pulling my hair. at the beginning we were behind, and may started to slow down, we started rebounding all of our balls that kept missing & making some. half time came & went, and we got whomped. may started playing, we were down by 10, 12, 13, then back down to 10 again. i was MAJORLY disappointed. they were too busy watching their other team player shoot the ball instead of being at the net ready to rebound what was missed, and in basketball that is VITAL. they made it SO easy for may to break in with his shots, may tosses the ball like its a tiny rock & it EASILY goes in. they dont even cover him. oh well im rooting for unc this coming game against illonois.

ps; rob likes my already-slobbered-on gummie bears <3
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