April 1st, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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last night was UNBELIEVABLY crazy. i went over baileys, and we drove all the way to royal oak. we drank, and went to play laser tag. it was fun, but man people cheated. they were doing some weird rave shit, and covering up their points so we couldnt hit them, bastards. "aw man i got hit by a girl named BEAVER", funny shit. we went back to amys & tracys house, and drank some more. more people came over. we played categories, and some weed game "spin the doobie". there was A LOT of people who got so piss ass drunk they wanted to fight everybody. this girl shannon, wanted to beat the shit out of me just because this guy she once "dated" was talking to me, it was a really fucked up situation because im ALWAYS the chill one trying to get the other girls from fighting so it was def. a weird spot for me. i met a really good-looking guy, hes full blown irish im talking 100%, he use to live there. he doesnt have an accent, and hes not a red head, sorry ladies :/ hes dark skinned, dark hair, athletic, slight build. so contemplate that :) im kindve spent on guys, though. its all a buncha bullshit. plus when he started to get really drunk last night, he got pissed & wanted to fight the guys who were sitting next to me talking just because the one kid had his hand on my leg. he apologized this morning for it, but i dont know, kindve weird.

i left my charger over their house, so yeah... hopefully i can get it tomorrow night, or im shit outta luck. we ripped a big ass hole in this kids pants.. it was funny as hell, him & his corona undies. then i whispered ooooh baby in his ear, and he moaned. a few of us fell asleep watching donnie darko. fuck ass. hahahahaha.

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