March 30th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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"lets get some bud" awwww YEP!

i seriously missed my bestfriend. we NEVER have drama, we act like two freakin' boys together. its awesome as hell. we got krunked last night, and then ate shitloads: taco bell, pizza from cottage inn, sour skittles, chocolates, and jolly rancher gummies. i passed out. jeremiah called me, i felt sooo bad because had i not been so fucked up, i wouldve hung-out with him :( "im at my peak, my climax"

i got to see my 2nd mom today. shes the coolest.. EVER! i went with bailey & kristen to go apply at work as a bev. cart girl so i can make some phat cash, look at HOT guys, drive in a golf cart, & be in the sunshine all day. that'll be tight as hell.

i was at this girl sharons' work today, and this guy walks in.. everyone says "TOM!" & I glance over, and recognized the kid. I ran up to him & gave him this hug. Funny as hell. Everyone thought I was on crack. I dated his cousin in the summer, and Jackie & him use to double date with us. The odds of that happening in Romeo. So Mike if you read this EVER, I told him to tell you I said hey.

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