March 25th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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im in a bad mood. it might be the lack of sleep ive been getting, a ton of things on my mind at once, and just trying to balance it all. i really want to curl up in a ball & fall asleep, but i cant fall asleep right now because my mind races onto a million different things at once.

i miss my bestfriend really bad right now. i miss all the fun times we had, and despite everything--we rarely fought, if it was a fight, it was more like blech leave me alone for a day, and then we're back to how everything was after. were not into the drama, we just have fun. i love that. i love being able to say whats on my mind, do what i want, act like a fool, and say whatever pops into my head for the moment, and knowing my bestfriend will have something equally as funny to say. it sucks knowing that im going to have to say goodbye to her when she goes away to college. :/
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