March 19th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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this weekend has been kindve iffy for me. i backed into a car, there was like no room for me to get out of this place because of how close he was.. i drove off :/ everyone thought that was funny at work when i told them. i got on 696 west instead of east yesterday due to mislead directions.. lol, and i got so upset because i was by myself, my phone was dying, and i couldnt figure out where i was & to get where i wanted too. moral of the story when i start spazzing; directions are really hard for me to follow.

i got creeped out because i was punching in my tickets for work, and neil was behind me, then i felt something tickle my butt.. and i slowly turned around, and jeremiah was standing there laughing. he does this shit to me all the time, because i cant hear him.

i bought my new j.lo miami glow perfume, there was a lot of people doing the same.. i shouldve bought the bigger one, but i was in a rush. i work all day tomorrow, it really sucks. do you ever get a bad feeling in your stomach like something isnt right, or something bad might happen? thats totally all me right now. :/ yikes!</3
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