March 17th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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i woke up to megan calling me.. i was like ugh shiitt.. theres no way im going to get up.. drank some coffee, and went to class, was there late, but thats nothing else new. i was in such a good mood, kindve hyper, but whatever. its sooo incredibly nice outside. i love love LOVE it. who can be in a bad mood today?

i told whitney were for sure hanging out. she knows exactly what were gonna do ;) shiiit dont even ask! trouble, trouble, trouble. i feel like shes my other half.. everything she says i can relate too, and its great to be able to just be into the same shit at the same time.

time to work.... BLECH.. HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY HOS<3
perfect as im ever gonna be

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birds of a feather now flock together now..

everyone (ok not everyone, just a few people) keep calling me, but im too lazy to grab my phone.. plus i already feel like a douche for calling the wrong rob for the millionth time, i swear i need to get better about storing numbers in my phone book, i always pull this crap. :/ sorry x's a million.

dear people(s) aka the "true few",
my mom is going to be in this weekend. save me NOW! you know how ANNOYED i get. this sucks.

ps; i adore chris x's a MILLION. perfectest guy ever.
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