February 25th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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im so annoyed/frusterated right now. blake and i are fighting, i guess it would be easier if he learned that it takes 2 people to learn to end a fight. i dont even care right now. scott (blakes brother) was talking to me, its funny how they seem to know why im mad at him without even telling them. i just dont even want to talk to him, or see him for awhile. i refuse to talk to him if hes going to have temper tantrums like a 2 year old. if that means were done for good, then whatever. i look at it this way, if he really wants to talk to me/misses me he knows where to reach me, and if he plans to wait months to do that, or weeks.. hes going to find out either ive moved on, not necessarily to somebody new, but just in general or that im more angrier than before, and the mere sound/sight of him makes me want to punch him.

i really dont know what else to update with, i guess im cutting it short with my frusteration. all i know is i have a MAJOR headache from his dumb yelling, i dont understand why yelling is necessary.. if anything youd think hed be embarrassed and realize it makes him look retarded, but whatever. all i can do is be embarrassed for him, hell probably try to blame that one of me too.. (insert laughing) sorry i cant help it.

fuck giving back his cds, hoodies, and crap. i think ive earned the priviledge of keeping them for good. not to mention all the shit he has of mine.
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