February 13th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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yesterday sucked at work., its bad enough being sick..and then you get there.. you get SWAMPED: you cant stop to blow your nose, you cant remember the basic crap youve been doing for the past year, you feel like your in a cloud.. and man you wish you were. i hope today is slow as hell ;x anyways, my boyfriends parents came to see me which made my day, they brought me a card.. "to our son and his valentine" & gave us a gift card to go out to dinner. his mom was like "i made blake give us your cell number because he waits until the last minute to ask you to come out to lunch with us when weve been meaning to have lunch with you two for awhile now". what an ass.. :D

i know how i want to get my hair cut, and its pretty drastic.
i want underneath to be shorter, so layered from the bottom up.
i really want it to be layered A LOT.. i want thick & messy i guess you could say, sounds bad.. but trust me it looks really good.
i might have to wait until after prom because of how i want my hair for prom. :/

everyone wants poofy dresses, and i hate poofy dresses on me..they make me feel fat, so yea im thinking slinky..because im curvy.

anyways, time to get ready for work..eep! :(
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