February 11th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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so ive been sick since tuesday. one thing after another, it sucks, but whatever. boyfriend brought me soup yesterday, only he would bring me big beefy soup when i rarely eat meat. i feel a little better after my 2nd nap today, so im about to take a nice hot bubble bath because all of my muscles ache. i really needed to work today because i need the money, but i called in.. its bad enough i feel/look like shit, why do i want to get other people sick? jess & i got sick (im guessing) from the people at work. it just goes from one person to another.

on other news; im really happy to know that my test in Gov. was postponed. i wasnt ready for it. *yawns* i really need my boyfriend to give me a back rub right now. such randomness.

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