February 6th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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ive been keeping low with my baby lately. so there will be quite the lack of updates. due to cancelled, dead ends for spring break i talked to blake & were either going to florida or california together, he wants florida and i want california, but were just going to wait until the summer. i really want to see maroon 5 :/ i was late on trying to get tickets so i might check tuesday, and see what they have left.

im really tired though because i had to be up early with kristine to open, which sucked. its so scarey taking the back route in the mall.

i spent $20 on the damien rice cd, a little pissed considering it only has 10 songs, but whatever ive spent triple that on worse things. also, wendys has my favorite thing ever, their fruit salad bowl with yogurt:) yummy!!<3

ps; i lost something of my boyfriends that i shouldnt have :/ and either i have to buy him a new one and pass it as old.. or.. he'll never let me borrow anything from him again :(
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