January 28th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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i wish there was a drug made for me to get rid of all my tiredness. i swear i wouldve fell asleep standing up if i allowed my eyes to close, no joke. i really need to start taking my vitamins again, all of them. the flu is going around, and usually when i start taking my vitamins again, i seem to get sick & id really like to save my absenses for when i can. whoever said that 5-6 hours of sleep is plenty is a LIAR!

anyways, such a hectic week for me.. im going to try SO hard to get everything done that i promised people id do. i work tonight, then i have to bowl with brett & co. for his birthday, hang with blake. work 12-8 the next day, go to jens party because its her 18th!! then wake up at 7 to get ready for my aunts baby shower, i have to help her with everything. plus tests to study for, gifts to get, yada yada.

feb 11th: break
feb 14th: v-day!!
march 5: 3 year anniversary
march 14th: blakes 21st birthday & my aunts 1st child is due
march 24th: ashlee simpson concert
march 25th: spring break