January 19th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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work went pretty well. the people ive met so far are really nice, and the guys are crazy, so i think im going to have some fun here once i get use to everyone. right now im pretty shy :P neil says he really likes me, and wants to work me more hours next week (?). i still miss my old work, though :/ i know im a dork, but i REALLY miss those people, i use to be so close with a lot of them & now.. i feel WEIRD just calling them up to see what's going on. being friends with girls is a lot different than guys, mainly because girls take a longer time to get use to & actually warm up to, and once you do.. you dont just hang-out with them right away, you know?

i work again tomorrow, and no EXAMS for me on friday, so sleeping in! :) friday def. running some errands, and then staying the night with my baby, hopefully sleeping in. then, saturday night taking my dad out for his birthday (i hope, depending on what he`s doing). sunday working all day, so yea should be interesting.