January 13th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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i adore whitney. she is a doll, seriously! i love her too death.. :) had to announce that!<3

we were talking about guy stuff. the question i have is.. why do many guys say: "your over-reacting", then of course, you talk to your friends & they agree, they even say they would`ve done worse things. aye, man :/ the other day blake says to me: "jen you know how to dangle the string right in front of me, you know exactly how to get what you want, and you know that ill give it to you. before you, i thought i loved other girls, but now i realize it wasnt that way at all. just when i think i have you, you do something to show me that its you that has me".

i was thinking about my past relationships, and how in different ways they`ve all been quite similar. i am a brat! sometimes i just like to play, and deep down i think i have NOTHING to lose, so when i lose.. i cry NOT because i care just because i didn`t get what i wanted out of it. its not the person i cared about, it was fighting with them just to push their buttons.. not always, but sometimes. with blake, our fights are real, but he knows when im being a brat, & thats why hes so good at keeping me.. he knows how to push my buttons right back.

im soo happy right now!! i love you guys, seriously :) <3