January 11th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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i know, i know. im so uppy/downy sometimes, but MOST of the time.. 23/7 i am happiness wrapped into a ball ready to EXPLODE, seriously though. i only update when i have a thought going on in my head that i need to EXPRESS, then when i do that.. i sign off & go about my business.

i always wonder whats going to happen with blake & i, were crazy as hell. i love that about us. hes the only guy ive been able to maintain a relationship where i feel i can be me, completely. we never get bored of eachother because everyday is different for us. i can goof off, and i always do. we only have fights on the phone or online, when we do fight. together, im giggly excited adventerous. i love slipping my hand into his to make US official, but how we dont have to do all that pda to show others we are. when things are good with us, they are AMAZING! i love when he just takes the time to NOTICE when im not around, and calls just to tell me he misses me. some people have REALLY sexual relationships, which is good, but some ONLY have that.. were NOT like that. the truth is, i like to cuddle now & then.. & kiss now & then, but i like when he tells me crazy stories just to make me laugh, or when we watch comedy central together, its a good feeling.

"when things are good
theyre great,
and when theyre bad..
you think youll never get up again
but life goes on.."

something like that..love that quote :D
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