January 10th, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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i hate being broke. its such bullshit. whatever, i havent worked in 2 days. im going freaking nuts here. im not use to working, i usually work a good 30 hours a week ontop of going to school, so i feel really incomplete without running around being someones bitch for the day. truthfully, i enjoy it. yes, you heard correctly: I thoroughly enjoy it!
ok so... most people can FUNCTION without money, I happen to be one of the few who believe otherwise, i REFUSE to get money from my family, i LOVE working for everything, i wasnt use to, but now that i get too--i love every bit of it! this is the worst time to NOT have a job, and of course i lose mine. i thought NO PROB. they`ll transfer me over to another place, but nooooooooo they have too many people working there, and its been really slow lately. man, it sucks.

seriously, im about to walk right into hooters, and that`ll be that, but UNFORT. that doesnt count for an internship job :/ plus my bf would be horribly pissed off at me seeing as i promised i wouldnt.. the sad part, he even offered to help me find a job so that i wouldnt work there. GAH!

"hi welcome to mcdonalds, would you like a fry up your ass" ew NEVER!!!!
*cries* :/
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