January 2nd, 2005

perfect as im ever gonna be

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random vent:
i HATE when people treat me like a young child.
sometimes.. its funny, but not when YOU say it.
im not 12, ive been through MORE shit than you care to admit.
im not just some cute little crazy child, especially when you only see my serious side. god forbid if some people take ME seriously :/ whatever.. you SUCK!

i need to stop spending money like its water. i spend more than i care to admit, i spend SO much that i try to hide it & pretend its old & that ive had it for awhile. i have so many clothes that i have a big closet, two dressers, two laundry bins full (clean), and a big clear basket, and a hamper (downstairs).. that now i have to force myself to give stuff away.

im buying a new nextel phone when i get the chance, and either x-box or ps2 because im a loser. no, actually because when i go out i ALWAYS spend money.. it gives me more limits.

anyways about to spend the rest of my cash flow. <3