December 28th, 2004

perfect as im ever gonna be

i love you, i hate you

"i swear to god ill make thing work for us".

some girl got excited because she thought i was beverly mitchell, sorry to burst her bubble :(

on the other hand.. my brother PROPOSED today. not only will i get a cute 50% mexican/50% everything else sister-in-law, i get a GORGEOUS brother-in-law. wow! hottest guy ever. better be jealous, hos :)

went bowling today with.. jess, christa, jason, and brett.. at first i was in 3rd.. then i lost the last 2 games :/ i guess potty shots arent always the best choice.

beer is love
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bought a new shirt to wear to the bar, major whoreness..& whatever, i got big to show..♥

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ive been waiting all my life to finally find you just so i can push you awayCollapse )
perfect as im ever gonna be

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+ your name: Jennifer
+ your gender: Female
+ height: 5'3"
+ hair color: Dark brown with carmel highlights..
+ eye colour: green
+ your location: michigannn
+ fears: oh god :/ dont even get me started..

+ peed your pants? no, i dont think i ever did. peed in my diapers when i was younger, yes.
+ fallen off the bed? for sure.
+ fallen for a relative? ew, no.
+ had plastic surgery? nope.
+ broke someone`s heart? yesss :(
+ had your heart broken? oh for sure.
+ had a dream come true? kindve
+ done something you regret? yup.
+ cheated on a test? yea
+ been raped? nope
+ broken a body part? yes

SECTION 3 section 3. you luck out.

+ brush your teeth? yes
+ like anybody? for sho
+ have any piercings? ear
+ drive? yes
+ believe in Santa Claus? oh def.
+ ever get off the computer? yess..

+ who is your best? bailey
+ who is the loudest? melissa
+ who is the shyest? sarah
+ who is the cutest? maggie
+ who laughs the most? ..
+ who have you known the longest? carson
+ who have you known the shortest? whitney
+ do you belong to a crew? yes
+ do you hang out with the opposite sex? yes
+ do you consider yourself POPULAR? no
+ do you trust your friends? lol..certain ones, and then the others just dont get close to me.
+ are you a good friend? most of the time
+ can you keep a secret? yes

+ hugged - jessica
+ talked to on the phone - blake
+ fell in love with - ^
+ turned down - :x im not telling, his ex gf reads this, plus me & him are buddies now.

+ What do you want to be when you grow up? id love to be a fashion designer
+ What was the worst day of your life? ohh man, dont ask me that..
+ What is your most embarrassing story? :(
+ What has been the best day of your life? hmmm.. im not too sure.
+ Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? i have a bf..
+ What do you usually think about before you go to bed? nothing much, just stuff i have to do tomorrow.

+ Movie: oh gosh..soo many: im into war movies: pearl harbor, harts war, full metal jacket, saving private ryan (im such a boy! lol) then.. cute movies: lilo & stitch, finding nemo, etc. i also love.. 10 things i hate about you, american history x, & so forth..
+ Song: gavin degraw-"faith"
+ Store: gadzooks, guess, wet seal, charlotte russe, weathervane, anf, ae, and bebe.
+ Ice Cream Flavor: plaine fat free vanilla.
+ Candy: depends.. i only like candy around the monthly visit, and its only chocolate.
+ Holiday: christmas..

+ Like to give hugs? yea, i am such a huggy person.
+ Like to walk in the rain? not pouring, but yes.
+ Sleep with or without clothes on? i sleep half-naked..i like wearing my kid undies, and a white tee or white tank to sleep.
+ Dress up on Halloween? sometimes..not really
+ Have a job? yes
+ Like someone? sometimes if hes lucky..
+ Sleep on your side, tummy or back? tummy..and usually i end up in a ball ..
+ Think you're attractive? sometimes..
+ Want to marry? yes
+ Have a goldfish? nope

+ Abortion: depends on the pro-choice, they have to live with it.
+ Bill Clinton: he`ll do anything to get his dick sucked, guess the first lady couldn`t..
+ Eating Disorders: ..
+ Suicide: :( sad!
+ Summer: sunshine, tans, cedar point, pools, bikinis, tank tops, shorts, flip flops, skirts=the best!
+ Tattoos: go for it.
+ Piercing: cool?
+ Make-up: a lot of people look ugly without it..not a lot..but yeaa...
+ Drinking: whatever..
+ Guys: they suck!
+ Girls: they suck more!!

+ Pierced nose or tongue? nose anyday, im not a tongue fan. it works for some people, other people.. makes them look cheaper than they already are.
+ Single or taken? taken..
+ Tongue or belly button ring? belly button is so much hotter!
+ Chocolate or flowers? FLOWERS!
+ Sunrise or sunset? BOTH!
+ M&M's or Skittles? none.
+ Stay up late or sleep in? sleep in..
+ Hot or cold? hot
+ Taller members of the opposite sex or shorter? taller than me, which isnt saying much
+ Vanilla or chocolate? neither, but chocolate
+ Kids or no kids? kids
+ Cat or dog? both
+ Half-empty or Half-full? half-full
+ Newspaper or Magazine? magazine
+ Spring or Fall? spring..closer to summer, mauahha
+ Rain or snow? rain
+ A year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship? depends, how good is the sex..jk jk..friendship, but GOOD friendship.
+ Happy or sad? happy
+ Mexican or Italian food? Italian hands down.
+ Duct tape or scotch tape? duct tape your mouth shut :! hehe
+ Candy or soda? neither..

+ Do you go to church? sometimes
+ Do you like church? yep, i grew up at one (ST ANNES)
+ Why or why not? its where i feel comfortable at..
+ Out of all of your friends, who has the coolest house? hmm.. tough choice
+ When you look at a person with lime green tights on, what's the first thing that comes to your head? damn, who let you out of the house?
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