November 7th, 2004

perfect as im ever gonna be

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My aunt's mother passed away this morning.,
she use to babysit me when I was younger..
so I have a funeral to go to Wednesday.
marvelous562: i guess you forgot that its my birthday
im really 8teen: i thought it was later?
im really 8teen: :-( im sorry!
marvelous562: thats ok
im really 8teen: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
marvelous562: thanks:-D
im really 8teen: did any of the guys by you a lap dance? ;-):-X
marvelous562: no there's no strip clubs out here
im really 8teen: that sucks!
im really 8teen: well., don't they at least have hookers?
marvelous562: yeah
marvelous562: guess you'll just have to do it
im really 8teen: i'll buy you a lap dance., by the time you come home i'll be 19 & we can go to canada!
marvelous562: cool
im really 8teen: ill buy you a lap dance with the UGLIEST girl ever & then i'll take pictures & send them to dave & your mom!
im really 8teen: hahah
marvelous562: id kill ya
im really 8teen: yea love me!
marvelous562: not if you set me up like that
marvelous562: i would be mad for like 10 or 15 minutes
im really 8teen: then you'd be like jen., i love you., marry me :-) haha! jk
marvelous562: yeah