October 3rd, 2004

perfect as im ever gonna be

(no subject)

Worked out a little bit today, and last night.
Proud of me? You should be!:D
With working the hours that I work,
I find myself eating some unhealthy "snack" at work.
It usually consists of chili+cheese fries,
or I get a number 7 at McDonald`s beforehand.
Then, I eat something after work..
but now I devised a plan.
You should either eat a banana with peanut butter on it,
or a yogurt 2 hours or so before you go to sleep.
It will hold you over, plus its healthy for you.
Figured I`d pass on the tip.

Tomorrow is my day off.
I`m use to working Monday`s, so this is nice.
I think I`m going to work-out, & maybe go tanning or something.

Anyway, boring update.
Not much NEW has been going on in my life right now.
I`m either working, at school, or sleeping, or relaxing
I need to wrap up Jen`s letter, & get around to leaving comments on lj.
Promise you guys this week I will.
I need to quit being lazy bum. HA!<3