September 20th, 2004

perfect as im ever gonna be

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He may face up to 20 years in prison? Your kidding me, right? This is why society is seriously..FUCKED. If people are capable of getting these weapons, learning to make bombs, wanting to kill people..obviously they need to be locked up for GOOD.

He should be tried for 2,100 lives for attempted murder as Chase said.

We have HORRIBLE security as it is, how should we feel getting up knowing old men on bikes are protecting us, and a security guard in the front is there if someone goes through the front door. You have got to be kidding me.,2933,132921,00.html
perfect as im ever gonna be

I still need you in my life..

Days & days pass,
& I still miss you,
every now + then.
You just kind`ve disappeared out of my life.
I didn`t want it to happen, but it did.
I know I shouldn`t be thinking about you because I have someone, now.
But I can`t forget that crazy summer we spent everyday together,
I remember waking up one morning before that crazy summer began, at the end of my freshmen year.
All I could think of is I spent 11 months with someone who made me unhappy, who brought out the worst in me, & you came in as my friend at first, & you woke me up to something I knew I was missing for a long time.
Though you`ve made me INCREDIBLY mad,
I know you loved me then.
You could hurt me a million times, and I couldn`t ever hate you, maybe because I see right through you.
People warned me about you, and I never listened,
I learned to love you & when you went out of my life..
a peice of my heart went with you.
For almost 3 and a half years, we were on & off.
Crazy, huh?
As I bury our memories deeper down in my heart, I realize what I keep on missing.
You guys I wish you could see him & meet him in the flesh,
he`s b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.
He wasn`t beautiful because I loved him, he was beautiful because he was my first true love.
Don`t argue with me about "love" and what it is, and isn`t.
I know that when I first met him, to me, everything was instantly beautiful. I can remember it like it was yesterday, his smile. I couldn`t sleep for weeks because of him. I fought for him, I tried until I was blue in the face, I loved him even when I was afraid, & I always found myself back to him.
Now I have to move on, be strong, & realize someone else is loving me right now.
And..if you read this, know this..
listen to this song Nelly~"In My Life" or "Over & Over"
You`ll know instantly who you are.

God, Jen I feel like you can relate to this.

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