September 19th, 2004

perfect as im ever gonna be

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Everybody`s talking all this stuff about me,
why don`t they just let me live?
I don`t need permission, make my own descions..
that`s MY perogative.

Right now I don`t even want to be friends with you, it`s not because your friends with her. It`s just you refuse to see her for exactly who she is ( a peice of white trash ), and I want to pretend her away, except I can`t because for some odd fucking reason everyone supposedly hates her, but still is nice to her. And somehow she starts adding MY fucking friends to her lj`s because she`s a loser with no friends of her own. She plays you guys for fools, and you don`t even see it. UMM HELLO~she`d screw your boyfriend behind your back, a guy you liked behind your back, she`d make shit up just so people didn`t like you, talk shit about you behind your back because she`s a coward & can`t say it to your face.

I`m not going to bring people in as examples, but I know you guys can all agree with me.

I figure this, when you see her for what she really is, it`ll be too late to get me back as your friend because EVENTUALLY she too will screw you over. Yes, I`m being a total bitch, and causing drama, but HEY it`s amusing to me, and how she pretends to be this innocent girl when she isn`t. Calling Sarah, Jenna, Lisa + I sluts..seriously, fuck her. I`m better off without, thanks. <3

thanks for loving me each step of the way & never giving up on that or me.
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perfect as im ever gonna be

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That`s who I supposedly look like, funny.
I`ve only gotten Michelle Branch & Beverly Mitchell.
Don`t think so, but whatever.

You should try it, it`s pretty amusing:]

You know what`s kind`ve weird is when people COPY the EXACT same thing into their info`s, not even changing around your accidental spelling error you have failed to fix, or adding an extra period and a comma just for kicks. C`mon: BE ORIGINAL<3

Download: Gavin Degraw
I just bought Nelly`s 2 new cd`s & Simple Life season 1, what now? :P

"I don`t want to be anything other than what I`ve been lately".
No one understands me like you do=/
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