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feels like im rarely online anymore. if i am its just to update, check my mail, & sign off. ive been working 6 days thus far, no big complaints. more money, just tiring. bought some new perfume today, escadas rockin rio. it was between that & dolce & gabbanas light blue, and im going back later this week for dolces. if anyone is interested in a 2nd job/1st job waitressing let me know.

totally obsessed with dolce gelatos ice cream lately. i drag everybody there thanks to rob & john. ;D

my obsessions lately on tv: laguna beach, real world, mind of mencia, family guy, & american dad.

def. need to clean my room/bathroom. so much to organize, im telling you.

diet=me starting! im sick of saying & not doing. i bitch & bitch about it, but im scared my boobs might get smaller. :/ not that they got any bigger. i just want a flat stomach, everywhere else im COMPLETELY content on my body with. seriously need a trainer. new investment.
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