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this is for all you cheap tippers out there in this world. i know theres A LOT of you. 20% is the BARE minimum. first of all, im not hating on my job because its a love/hate relationship. if you dont have money to tip, dont go out to eat.. go through drive-through/get carry-out, seriously. leave a note saying sorry, some kind words if you didnt realize your bill would be that much. whatever. i find it funny when cheap tippers/stiffers come back, we always make fun of them. if you go get your nails done/hair done & you leave a cheap tip they dont bother to do half as good a job next time around because they REMEMBER your face. i get more pissed when i go out to eat with my friends, and i pay the whole tip, having to make up for all the other cheap asses in this world. whats to stop a waitress from telling a cook that your a shitty tipper, dont expect that your food hasnt been fucked with. be logical people. think about it. we remember faces so well.

check out for laughs ;D

if the bill is $10 the tip should be at least $2
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