Jen (_steamysex) wrote,

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im so tangled up right now, its quite the mess to be honest. i hate when i think TOO much into things, why cant things just go as IS? i worry about everything, or i worry about NOTHING. how is that even possible? im either CHILL or a total basketcase. whatever.

work is mucho annoying. all these additional rules, extra work, bullshit side jobs we all do, and depending on the days we dont make enough to be doing all that shit. the place is going to shit. we lost A LOT of people, so now all of us are working a ton of hours & were not ALLOWED days off UNLESS we have a doctors note [new rule]. total bullshit. cut my morning hours, and upped my night time hours. what a fucker. if somebody leaves, were SERIOUSLY fucked. i cant afford to call in, but god forbid take a day off and ENJOY my fucking summer, thats UNQUESTIONABLE. he does NOT want to piss me off.
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