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tomorrow is my doctor's appointment and im nervous because shes going to have to draw blood.. eep! but then tuesday, i have my hair appointmet, and i decided what it is im getting done: chucky black lowlights, an inch or more taken off, layered more. then when i come back after prom, im getting the bottom underneath bleached blonde, so that the long bottom layers are blonde underneath.

i have A LOT on my mind right now, and i hate talking about the REAL issues bothering me, im SO the type of person who would rather AVOID than face whats in front of me at the moment. if i love somebody, im willing to shut my mouth, and let them go without telling them how i really feel, its like if i subject myself to vulnerability it makes it easier to be hurt. i use to be the TOTAL opposite, but ive changed so much now that i look back on it.

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